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Ban on solar battery storage in lofts

A new standard is to be introduced, in our opinion well overdue, to stop the installation of battery storage in residential lofts. The new standard coming in advises installers to stop putting batteries in lofts as experts warn of the risk the weight, fire and safety hazards arising from installing storage batteries in lofts and are advising where possible batteries are to be installed outside.

The weight on average of a 5kw battery is approximately 45kg+, 10kw are around 85kg+, these installed on as an example a new build house, where due to costs and new build house material qualities compromise the strength of the loft supports. New build houses these days are built notoriously bad where poor quality timber (and other materials) are used in the construction. This combined with heavy equipment such as storage batteries is asking fro trouble with regards to strain on loft joists and supports. There is also the issue of heating in lofts, where in summer months these can be like a sauna putting stain on the battery and function of the battery. Lastly theres the unlikely event, but potential of the batteries exploding. This as stressed is unlikely, but not impossible. Where the cells in the battery can malfunction, this may cause the batteries to explode, which is not what you want at all, especially if you're lying asleep in your bedroom under where the battery is installed in the loft.

The London Fire Brigade has been appealing the installation of batteries in lofts for quite a while now, as we have. Common sense aside, it is a very bad idea to have the units installed in lofts.

EV batteries (which albeit are vastly larger in capacity and weight) are roughly the same technology, if caught alight or if the battery explodes, the fire brigade are required to submerge the battery in a tank of water for approximately 4 days to a week due to residual heat in the lithium batteries causing reigniting and re-gassing in the battery compartment. Further information & video footage can be found on the internet but this is not something that's mentioned much / possibly enough in the industry and to consumers as its often overlooked by the gains and green energy the batteries can provide, but should still be considered by all.

There is potential that this could happen with home batteries too - again we stress unlikely, but also by far not impossible.

The key thing as always as the consumer is to evaluate and do your research with equipment if you're looking to invest in solar PV / battery storage systems in your house or business. The financial yields are and can be brilliant if quality and correct equipment are installed, but do not compromise safety over this. Safety is always pinnacle.

Do your research with installers & contractors, cheaper installation costs etc are generally due to incompetence or inexperience, don't get caught in that trap or you may end up paying twice.

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